Available Workshops

Motorcycle Maintenance 101


 Learn the know how of keeping your bike on the road.
This isn’t just a show and tell, you should expect to get your hands dirty!
We will cover maintenance items such as:
• Oil level inspection and hands on oil change.
• Common adjustments to your motorcycle controls, including brakes, clutch and shifters.
• Brake inspection
• Aligning chains and drive belts.
• Basic electrical troubleshooting.
• How to read all of the information on the sides of your tires, and when it's time to replace them.
• Key points to look at when buying a used motorcycle.
• Troubleshooting procedures for repairs in the garage and on the side of the road.

All classes are held at Skidmark Garage. 

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Carburetor Workshop


  •  Knoble Moto Carburetor Class. Come learn the black art of the carburetor. 
  • We will cover:
  • Major Types of Carbs
  • How Carbs work
  • Disassembly, Thorough Cleaning, & Reassembly
  • Syncing Carbs
  • Stock tuning, and tuning for aftermarket cone air filters. 
  • Troubleshooting
  • Tips on rejetting, and tuning for aftermarket parts
  • It will be a two night, hands on class. 
  • All classes are held at Skidmark Garage.

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Fork Seal Replacement and Suspension Work


 We will have a hands on workshop, where we will be replacing fork seals and fork oil. We will also cover suspension setup and geometry. Bring in your forks! (and appropriate parts)  

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Extract Broken / Stripped Bolts, Plus Drills and Taps


 This will be a hands of workshop for removing broken bolts, repairing stripped threads in bolt holes, and tapping new threads into metal.  We will also be covering reading calipers and micrometers. 

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Specialized Workshops Available

Private and Group Workshops


If you or your group would like a private workshop about a specific subject or bike, please contact us. We can tailor classes for just about any group, motorcycle, or knowledge level required. 

 *Groups must be three or more students. 

Available but unscheduled workshops

Harley Exhaust Install Workshop - Sponsored by Supertrapp Exhaust



Hands on Installation of a Supertrapp SuperMeg exhaust on Evo, rubber mount Sportster. 

Tips on bagger exhaust install

Basic fundamentals of how performance exhaust work.

02 Sensors. How they work, and how to troubleshoot one. 

Explanation of different horsepower curves for different styles of exhaust.

Explanation of how exhaust quiet engine noise, and how this relates to performance. 

Tips of rejetting for carbureted bikes. 

Hands on retune of ecu for fuel injection. 


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Stopping is important, so we are offering a class on brakes. .  We will cover maintaining and rebuilding your hydraulic brake systems. Bleeding systems.  Electrical related to your brake light switches.  Pad & Shoe Replacement  We will also cover servicing and maintaining Drum brake Systems.  I will even explain the mystery of the different types of brake fluid.  As always, this will be a hands on class. 

All classes are held at Skidmark Garage. 

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